RMW Arch & Tower

Opening Downtown Napa's Buzziest Hospitality Destination Arch & Tower​


As part of Robert Mondavi Winery’s ongoing luxury transformation, the opening of the iconic winery’s brand-new hospitality destination in Downtown Napa acted as a critical moment to engage with media and influencers to experience the brand like nothing before. Magrino was tasked with ensuring Arch & Tower’s debut made headlines in top-tier publications to attract the right audiences – from travel, to luxury lifestyle, to wine afficionados. 

Our Solution

Magrino curated a media trip timed to the Grand Opening Party of Arch & Tower, hosting five national media from top-tier luxury and wine trade outlets on a multi-day immersion into the Soul of Napa Valley with Robert Mondavi Winery. Media experienced Arch & Tower in an exclusive setting to give them a behind-the-scenes peek with key spokespeople from Robert Mondavi Winery to highlight the importance of this new hospitality destination for the brand. These media plus local + regional media, influencers, and gatekeepers also attended the Grand Opening Party – a lavish affair that cemented Robert Mondavi Winery’s place as Napa’s premier luxury winery.


The media trip and hosting journalists, influencers and gatekeepers at this special, high-touch event truly brought Robert Mondavi Winery’s luxury positioning to life in a tangible way, ultimately paving the way for impactful social media coverage and feature stories in top target outlets like The Manual, The Hollywood Reporter, and 65 Magazine.