Hendrick’s Gin

A PR Stunt Fit For An Unusual Brand​


To continue the narrative of Hendrick’s Department of Not-So-Convenient-Technology, Magrino was challenged with concepting a brand appropriate play  on a hot holiday item to steal media share from the brown spirits category,  which gets the majority of coverage in Q4 and with holiday gifting.

Our Solution

The Hendrick’s High Wheel, concepted by Magrino, is an at-home exercise bike  built from a penny farthing, which regularly appears in Hendrick’s marketing and  imagery. At the time late 2020, Peleton and at-home exercise was extremely trendy. Having this riff be completely over the top, but completely on-brand for  Hendrick’s, was a winning combination. Unique and inconvenient features such as a  cupholder big enough to fit a 1 Liter bottle of Hendrick’s, added to its charm. Magrino consulted on imagery for the launch to ensure maximum pick-up, showing  off the bike’s size and scale. Magrino timed the release to mid-November, when  holiday coverage begins to pick up, and built only three bikes to drive demand. We targeted mainstream news outlets in addition to niche wellness and fitness  outlets to diversify the coverages mix.


The earned media campaign saw placements in The Wall Street Journal, Fox  News TV, Travel + Leisure, Bicycling, AdAgeUrbanDaddyMental Floss, Forbes,  and TrendHunter, and was picked up on 37 local news channels across the  country (syndicated from FOX and The Wall Street Journal), from CBS in New Mexico to ABC in Illinois. Magrino exceeded KPI’s for this project 10X, and the bikes sold out within one week!