JW Marriott Turnberry



Magrino was tasked with debuting Tidal Cove, JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa’s all-new, luxury  waterpark, promised to attract new market share, but how do you break  through a crowded marketplace, particularly in Florida where there are so many  theme parks and family attractions? Simultaneously, Magrino supported a rebrand for the hotel as it became a part of the JW Marriott umbrella and showcased several major renovations to the property.

Our Solution

Magrino worked with the property team to create an integrated campaign directed at the real decision makers in family travel: kids. A call for Junior  Anchors was launched – where one lucky child would become the official  spokesperson for the waterpark. Starting with video submissions on Instagram, content and voting then migrated to the waterpark’s webpage. A comprehensive media relations strategy supported the digitally-led initiative, including a widely distributed press release, targeting pitching, and a media FAM trip where the Junior Anchor served as expert and host. Magrino also continued to garner coverage in top tier local and national outlets on the new amenities and renovations.​


Social media engagement skyrocketed, along with web visits and bookings inquiries. The Tidal Cove campaign also resulted in highly-curated video and image assets  for Tidal Cove’s website and social media channels featuring the Junior Anchor  as the official spokesperson. Additionally, the contest was featured in top-tier  outlets such as Southern Living as well as coverage resulting from the FAM trip. This initial coverage on the Tidal Cove initiative acted as a catalyst for a steady beat of media opportunities for the year to follow.