Conrad Washington, DC



Design-led and architecturally-striking Conrad Washington, DC brings Washington hospitality into a new era of modern luxury with its design, culinary and retail offerings. In Summer 2022, Conrad Washington, DC launched its newest art initiative in partnership with Latela Curatorial, a women-owned and operated art advisory studio based in Washington, DC. Providing a public platform for local artists to showcase their work to an international audience of travelers, the hotel’s quarterly exhibition series located in the hotel lobby centers around and uplifts local artists.

Our Solution

Magrino supported in the PR efforts surrounding the first exhibition titled “In Bloom” by Hoesy Corona as well as the second exhibition by “Five Directions: Vessels” Art Exhibition by Kimchi Juice. The hotel also tapped its signature restaurant Estuary to offer a limited-time unique dish drawing inspiration from “In Bloom’s” Plant People, as well as founded synergy between Chef de Cuisine and Kimchi Juice who both infuse experiences from their Asian backgrounds into their craft. Magrino came together with Latela Curatorial to devise a pitching strategy across art, design, travel and food & beverage publications, bringing awareness of the recently launched quarterly series.


Conrad Washington, DC has launched its quarterly Art Installation series and has seen a number of guest bookings come through its association with these artists. Standout coverage included Modern Luxury DC, East City Art, Bmore Art & more.