Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg


Colonial Williamsburg faced a reputation of being singularly identified as a historic attraction. To compete on a national level, Colonial Williamsburg sought a creative approach to elevate the destination and differentiate Colonial Williamsburg from other historical, leisure travel destinations.

Our Solution

Magrino was tasked with promoting the transformation of Colonial Williamsburg as a one-of-a-kind, must-visit destination in the United States—especially for the new generation—to a broad cross section of consumer media targets. Magrino aimed to increase press coverage for Colonial Williamsburg across national consumer media outlets, including but not limited to luxury travel, culinary, design, lifestyle, bridal, spa/wellness, family, meetings, and hospitality trade publications. In positioning Colonial Williamsburg to national media, Magrino was able to pitch impactful story angles that allowed media to re-envision the destination while highlighting elevated experiences, such as spa, golf, signature accommodations, events, and food and beverage.

Additionally, Magrino facilitated individual media experiences and stays in addition to a Bridal Media FAM trip, in which four key media attendees experienced Colonial Williamsburg and its unique bridal offerings.


  • In the first six months of working with Colonial Williamsburg, Magrino secured 157 media placements resulting 427,287,785 media impressions
  • Secured nine feature stories highlighting Colonial Williamsburg’s bridal offerings as a result of the Bridal Media FAM trip totaling 1,905,487 media impressions to-date (5 placements still slated to run)
  • Facilitated six individual media stays, resulting in 8,208,990 media impressions
  • Put Colonial Williamsburg’s Halloween celebration on the map by generating 108,839,950 media impressions and selling out Colonial Williamsburg’s “Haunted” accommodations over Halloween weekend