The Michelin Guide

Michelin Guide


Magrino was hired in 2005 to launch the first US Michelin Guide, the Michelin Guide New York City 2006.

Subsequently, SMA launched each new edition, including the Michelin Guide New York City 2010, continuing to raise overall brand awareness as well as building buzz for the fifth anniversary of the guide.

Our Solution

  • Build Michelin City Guide fan base via new media outreach
  • Identify and follow key influencers and decision makers in the food industry under social media management.
  • Participate in dialogue relevant to Michelin City Guides
  • Identify and track key word searches
  • Build Michelin City Guide fan base via traditional media outreach
  • Launch the advertising campaign with an exclusive in a traditional, national media outlet highlighting the social media campaign
  • Secure feature coverage of the brand highlighting the inspectors and their unique training and expertise
  • Michelin took on new technologies that enabled anonymous inspectors to communicate directly with the public, i.e., Twitter


Magrino secured more than 283 million media impressions for the launch of Michelin New York City Guide and the 2006 edition.

Following the story in The New York Times Business Section, Twitter followers to the Michelin page increased by:

  • 78% by 1:00 PM the first dayh
  • 276% within 24 hours of the story running
  • 400% within 5 days of the story running