Goldbelly founder and CEO Joe Ariel became the face of food e-commerce during the pandemic as the first person to bring local restaurants from all over the U.S. to people’s doorsteps nationwide. Through Goldbelly, he saved restaurants by providing them with opportunity to thrive even as their doors were shut. As the world transitioned out of the pandemic, Magrino was tasked with elevating his profile as the brand continued to innovate to maintain relevance beyond the pandemic, supporting press efforts tied to its first ever streaming platform – Goldbelly TV – along with important partnerships with notable celebrities like Martha Stewart.

Our Solution

Following the unprecedented success of Goldbelly through the pandemic as people were stuck at home, Magrino understood the importance of maintaining relevance as restaurants opened their doors once more. Magrino tapped into Joe’s business acumen, the extensive data and trends that Goldbelly was able to provide and major events and seasonal moments to insert Goldbelly into the narrative wherever possible, strategically targeting the outlets that would move the needle for the company.


Magrino secured top tier press coverage in business and lifestyle outlets including CNBC, Town & Country, Fast Company, and more. Overall, Magrino secured over 450,000,000 media impressions in just one quarter.