Martha Stewart

Driving Headlines For A Lifestyle Icon


The Magrino Agency has led communications strategy for Martha Stewart since the beginning of Martha’s entrepreneurial career, helping her to grow from an individual lifestyle expert to a global multi-platform brand. Our objective is always to keep all retail businesses, partnerships, launches, products, merchandise, cause marketing efforts and personal representation, culturally  relevant, covered by the right press and maintaining her status as the most credible lifestyle expert across all genres.

Our Solution

Magrino has worked to build relationships with the media to consistently keep Martha’s brand top of mind. We work strategically on planning and calendarizing all her initiatives and endeavors, to make sure each are appropriately timed and covered. We ensure positive, quality coverage for Martha’s brands during both launches and key periods, such as holiday, to ensure a steady cadence of impressions. We further make sure to introduce her and her brand with new types of media and influencers to make sure we are also reaching a new generation.


Since working together, Susan and the agency have launched 99 books; six magazine brands; three streaming television shows; two syndicated television shows; a primetime series; three PBS series; an annual holiday special; a podcast; a restaurant; home collections in numerous categories with various national retail partners, and much more. Magrino has negotiated countless magazine covers and features, and multiple television appearances on a monthly basis for many years.