Drew Barrymore Flower Home



Drew Barrymore and her team launched a new, free-spirited collection of  furniture and home décor called Drew Barrymore Flower Home with her  partners at Walmart. Magrino was tasked to garner impactful media coverage  surrounding the launch on March 28th, 2019.

Our Solution

Magrino created a detailed media campaign surrounding the launch. In  December 2018, Magrino secured 16 media outlets to meet with Drew and  get a first look at the collection for their long lead coverage. For the months  to follow, Magrino worked closely with the Walmart team to create press  materials including a lookbook, fact sheet, press release and FAQs. Magrino  outreached to key media outlets ahead of the launch to share details of the  collection under embargo, as well as sent packages of samples and products  to their offices so they could see and feel the gorgeous collection in person.  On the day of the launch, Magrino distributed a press release announcing the  new collection to a wide list of media.


As a result of Magrino’s efforts, the launch of Drew Barrymore Flower Home  garnered over 1,361,021,644 media impressions to date including top tier  publications such as: WWD, People, Galerie, Elle Décor, Los Angeles Times, Domino, among others including regional publications, bridal, lifestyle, and home décor and design outlets.