As part of our platform management, Cuisinart tasked Magrino with creating a summertime social media contest to drive user engagement and ice cream maker awareness during #NationalIceCreamMonth in July. 

Our Solution

Magrino designed a #SixSweetSurprises giveaway series, where users had a chance to win 1 of 6 ice cream maker prizes over a 6-week period. As this took place during COVID-19, ice cream makers were a popular item for an at-home activity. Each week beginning July 1st to kickoff #NationalIceCreamMonthMagrino launched a giveaway on Cuisinart’s social media to feature a different ice cream maker. To help support the giveaway, Magrino also coordinated influencer partnerships with @buttermilkbysam (47.6k followers) and @ashcuoco (13.7k followers). These influencers shared ice cream content in both July and August, featuring ice cream maker prizes and directing users to enter the giveaway on Cuisinart’s channels.


Magrino garnered 15.4k total engagements and 190.2k total impressions across channels. Magrino greatly increased the engagement rates; Instagram giveaway posts yielded a 4.03% average engagement rate (as compared to 1.04% the previous month), and Facebook giveaway posts yielded a 2.86% average engagement rate (as compared to .11% the previous month). Growth across both platforms also saw significant results, with Facebook fans increasing by 22% and Instagram followers by 102%. The 2 influencer partnerships resulted in 4.6k engagements and 69.2k impressions, as well as a 3.99% average engagement rate.