Vella Valentine’s Day



To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Magrino was tasked to bring Vella Bioscience’s #YouComeFirst campaign to life. The team partnered with creators to drive awareness that Vella products are here to help make sure #youcomefirst this Valentine’s Day. 

Our Solution

Magrino partnered with 4 Instagram influencers within the sexual wellness/body positivity space to create content that highlights the importance of putting your sexual wellness first. Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day single or in a relationship, it is the day of romance, sensuality, sex, and self-love. The creators educated and shared their experiences across Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories, partnering talent to drive awareness around Vella’s Women’s Pleasure Serum and Super Slip & Slide lube. All creators included a unique link and promo code within their content to drive conversion and website traffic. ​


Across the 4 partnerships, Magrino secured a total audience of over 640k+ followers. The full campaign yielded 232k+ impressions, over 4.4k clicks to the product page, and an average 9.9% engagement rate.