Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards

The Best Coffee in the World Takes Center Stage


Magrino was tasked with securing top-tier media, VIPs, and influencers to attend and cover the  8th annual Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award events – a sustainability roundtable at the United Nations in the morning, and a gala at the New York Public Library that same evening. Magrino was also brought onto to advise on production and logistics for the events. 

Our Solution

Magrino utilized its strong relationships to ensure key media were in attendance for both events, to share the illy story with a focus on its reputation as a leader in sustainability and to celebrate the brand’s relationships with its growers from around the world. Throughout the year leading up to these events, Magrino has offered samples of new products to media and influencers, including the new Regenerative SKU, to help establish illy as the most sustainable coffee company in the world, especially among target consumers. Magrino secured VIP attendees including Martha Stewart and Nina Runsdorf, and influencer friendlies such as Nick Lowry and Tesa Pesic to help drive awareness and post-coverage.


Magrino confirmed 11 total media attendees across both events and secured more than 292M impressions across high-performing placements in lifestyle, food and beverage, and trade publications following the event, such as People, Daily Mail, MindBodyGreen, Daily Coffee News, and Global Coffee Report. Magrino also confirmed total influencer partners to attend the gala as brand partners and post on their own social channels, resulting in more than 69.4K impressions and a total reach of over 45K .