Frederic Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai


Frederic Fekkai had an established salon at Bergdorf Goodman; however, he wanted the business and the image of the salon to have more personality, as well as increased awareness way beyond the New York City salon world. Frederic’s vision was to take the Frederic Fekkai name beyond beauty to establish the Fekkai brand as an authority on “total style.”

Frederic turned to Magrino—having heard of our reputation for innovative public relations and creative original thinking—and became one of our charter clients.

Our Solution

  • Magrino’s strategic approach to the Frederic Fekkai business was to establish and communicate the Frederic Fekkai “personality,” which would reflect beyond Frederic the man onto all of the brand./li>
  • Frederic Fekkai as stylist for 1993 Academy Awards
  • Promoted Frederic’s “restyling” of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hair and overall look
  • Promoted additional key celebrity clients as appropriate
  • Pursued press for Frederic beyond the beauty world, including home, décor, and society
  • Leveraged Frederic’s personal attractiveness and charm to generate awareness and promote the “style” behind the Fekkai image
  • Promoted Frederic’s launch of hair care and beauty products


As a result of the Magrino strategy, Frederic Fekkai obtained high visibility in the world of beauty, luxury, and style well beyond New York City. Frederic’s success caught the eye of Chanel, who perceived the Fekkai image to be compatible with their own. Chanel ultimately purchased the Frederic Fekkai brand and established a new salon as well as several line extensions, including hair care, hair-styling tools, makeup, handbags, sunglasses, and boutiques within Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide. Frederic also opened a Los Angeles salon to continue the Fekkai style aesthetic on the West Coast.