About Us

At Magrino, we put over 25 years of strategic insight and intelligence into everything we do. Employing our 360° lifestyle approach to brand building and public relations, our campaigns are focused, strategic and assembled to balance cost-effectiveness with positive results.

That is the reason some of the world’s most revered lifestyle brands turn to us— and return to us.


We tell the story,
and keep on telling it.

The Magrino Advantage

The Magrino 360°; Lifestyle Approach to brand building and public relations covers your story from every angle. The advantage of having multiple categories of expertise within and across our agency is the ability to secure exposure in unexpected and untapped places. Some examples can include:

  • A restaurant featured in a home publication for its exquisite design aesthetic
  • A resort covered in design magazines for its interior decorating
  • A fashion designer’s passion for far flung places covered in a travel magazine
  • A wine brand featured in a fashion publication reaching an entirely different audience because of its bottle design

We find your target demographic where they spend their time and create stories about your brand in ways that interest them, making a deeper connection and garnering our clients earned media in new and meaningful ways.

That’s why our mantra is “Tell the story and keep on telling it.”