To Kalon Vineyard Company

To Kalon is a myth as much as place; an allegory for the generations of pride, luck, heartbreak, and passion that have culminated in the Napa Valley as it stands today. Since its founding more than 150 years ago, To Kalon Vineyard and the wines made from it have been recognized, coveted, and sought after for their elusive and singular quality. H.W. Crabb, the man who bestowed To Kalon Vineyard with its name, meaning “Highest Beauty,” was lauded in his time as a winemaker without peer in California. Crabb was an avid experimenter who had, by the end of the 1870s, curated the largest collection of vinifera grape varieties in the United States. He was a visionary whose intuition led him to plant Cabernet Sauvignon on this plot of land that was perfectly situated for growing it long before it was popular. Today, Andy Erickson, one of Napa’s most revered and acclaimed winemakers and himself an ardent historian of Napa Valley, follows in the footsteps of H.W. Crabb by making wines that aim to express the heart and soul of this mythical vineyard, honor its story, and unlock some of its mysteries. With his rigorous and studied approach to winemaking, Andy has crafted each of his wines for To Kalon Vineyard Company to honor the purest expression of To Kalon Vineyard.

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