Ramazzotti Italy

At the beginning of the 19th century, well before the unification of Italy, the particular Italian situation, driven by popular uprisings and political instability, made spices difficult to find in Milan. Despite the context, thanks to his passion and personal initiative, a young entrepreneur and aspiring herbalist created something unique in a small laboratory. It was 1815 when Ausano Ramazzotti made several experiments blending ingredients from all over the world like Italian sweet orange peels, gentian, rhubarb, turmeric and rosemary.

Aiming to create a flavored drink, tailored to be enjoyed at any time of day, Ausano created Amaro Ramazzotti, a harmonious blend of 33 spices, herbs, flowers and fruits. The recipe is still kept secret, from generation to generation.

Today Ramazzotti is globally recognised as a true story of effortless quality.
The latest restyling of the brand look in 2018, which touched and revamped all the packaging elements, is indeed a tribute to its long heritage, quality and determination to bring the taste of Italy to the world.