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Gruppo Mezzacorona is a first-level cooperative of growers, representing more than 1,600 farmers, with estates in the northern Italian region of Trentino and the southernmost Italian island of Sicily. Mezzacorona and Rotari are core brands for the group in the U.S. All wines are imported by Prestige Wine Imports. This includes wines such as: DiNotte, Mezza di Mezzacorona, Stemmari, and the two newest additions to the portfolio – Delisa and Ventessa.

Rotari Trentodoc
Rotari is created in Trentino, in the heart of the Italian Alps: with its peaks and deep valleys, its lakes and forests, its mountain climate and fresh breezes, the region creates the perfect environment for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in the steeply terraced vineyards that range from 950 to 2,500 feet in altitude. Here, the Chardonnay expresses its fresh and fruity character in the best way, while the Pinot Noir succeeds in contributing a particular structure and richness. This is the purest of environments in which the perfect combination of grapes, terrain, and variety of microclimates gives life to the elegant and intense bubbles that are the expression of the Trentodoc.

Rotari’s vineyards are located on the foothills of the Dolomites Mountain range, and the high altitudes give the grapes the freshness that makes them perfect for high-quality sparkling wines. The wines are aged for a minimum of 24 months to impart a delicate, elegant, toasty brioche note. Metodo Classico is the oldest and most prestigious method for producing sparkling wine, based on secondary fermentation in the bottle. The Rotari style is unmistakable: the bubbles are intense and fragrant, elegant and refined, with aromas that are reminiscent of the territory. Rotari’s vineyards are carefully cultivated and looked after with great passion on a daily basis by growers – right up to the handpicking and selection of the wine grapes. Expert agronomists work alongside the farmers in every decision and keep them up to date with all the most modern agricultural techniques. Respect for the environment is deep-rooted and the Rotari team has worked tirelessly to protect this precious land that it calls home.

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