Malibu Farm New York

Like all the best things in life, Malibu Farm started small and grew organically. Founder and Chef Helene Henderson began by hosting cooking classes and farm dinners out of her home and in her backyard in Malibu, CA, where free-range, fancy, feather-footed chickens roam alongside a pig named Arnold and pet goats who love to walk on the beach. Here in New York, Chef Henderson brings a taste of Malibu to the Big Apple. Helmed by Executive Chef Amy Sur-Trevino, the menu at Malibu Farm New York features seasonal and sustainable ingredients from vegetables and fruits to meat, whole grains, and more. The drink list is no exception and features ingredients such as organic agaves, freshly squeezed juices, and local produce. Serving lunch during the weekdays, brunch on the weekends, and dinner daily, Malibu Farm is the perfect setting for a breezy, fresh, and delightful dining experience either indoors or al fresco.