Hotel Du Pont

Opened in 1913, the iconic HOTEL DU PONT is dedicated to delivering timeless luxury with a modern and sophisticated sensibility. Located in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, in the heart of the picturesque Brandywine Valley, the 12-story Italian Renaissance landmark building boasts 217 guest rooms and spacious suites. Opened more than century ago, it welcomes guests with detailed and intricate original handwork by French and Italian craftsmen. From the lobby’s lavish splendor to the shimmering majesty of the Gold Ballroom, the craftmanship is truly awe-inspiring. After opening, the hotel instantly earned international fame, rivaling the finest hotels in New York and Europe while serving as the financial and social epicenter for the Wilmington elite.

HOTEL DU PONT is the epitome of Gilded Age grandeur with stunning architecture and interiors that will take your breath away. Imported European chandeliers, hand-carved wood, and terrazzo floors surround you in vintage fashion. The lavish, European grandeur of rooms is mixed with cosmopolitan chic and contemporary technology to create a sophisticated urban refuge.

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