HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys

In 1974, philanthropist and Chicago-based banker A.H. Hirsch set out to create the gold standard of American whiskey and commissioned his now legendary bourbon, the A.H Hirsch 16-Year-Old Reserve. His story is an inspiration to many out there to never settle, keep your eye on the horizon, and pursue your dreams. Today, HIRSCH continues to look to the future with that same explorer’s mindset and conviction, celebrating the incredible breadth and possibilities of the American whiskey category.

The HIRSCH brand aims to celebrate those who dare to take a new path and discover new passions, just as A.H. Hirsch did when he left his banking career to pursue whiskey. Committed to creating whiskey that pushes the envelope and raises the bar, HIRSCH knows that 2022 will be an exciting year for the brand. With discerning new releases on the horizon, featuring innovative liquid that you can’t find anywhere else, HIRSCH invites whiskey drinkers to follow along and discover that the journey is the reward.

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