Goslings Rum

Goslings, Bermuda’s oldest company, has been blending and bottling rum on the island for over 200 years. Founded in 1806 by James Gosling, and now helmed by a member of the seventh generation, E. Malcolm Gosling, the brand embodies the spirit and rich history of Bermuda and is the island’s top export product.

Today, the Goslings’ portfolio includes an award-winning selection of unique, aged blends, including Goslings Black Seal Rum, Goslings Black Seal Rum 151, Goslings Spirited Seas Ocean Aged Rum, Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum, Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum Rye Barrel Finish, and Goslings Papa Seal Single Barrel Bermuda Rum. In addition, the brand offers a ready-to-drink Dark ‘n Stormy® cocktail collection featuring four varieties: original, pineapple, mango, and black cherry.

With a history of elevating every drinking occasion, Goslings’ top-selling Stormy Ginger Beer line, originally formulated to craft the perfect Dark ’n Stormy® cocktail, was expanded in 2023 to include Stormy Peach Ginger Beer.

2024 is poised to be a big year for the brand. In the spring, Goslings made its debut as “The Official Rum of Leisure,” coinciding with a new advertising campaign and the launch of an eye-catching, limited-edition bottle design for its flagship Goslings Black Seal Rum. Additionally, Goslings rolled out its latest cocktail mixer innovation: Goslings Finest Tonic Waters, available in Ginger & Cardamom, Citrus, and Tropical flavors.

Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum (SRP: $24.99) Made from a 150-year-old Goslings family recipe, Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum uses the finest distillates aged in charred American Oak casks. The smooth, full flavor is a result of a careful blend of aged pot still and continuous still distillates. It is deep, assertive, and highly flavored. It is very fragrant with herbal sharpness.

Goslings Black Seal Rum 151 (SRP: $27.99) Carefully blended and aged by the same recipe and standards of its 80-proof sibling, Goslings 151-proof Black Seal comes from a long, dark line of Bermuda rums. So, unlike most high-octane spirits, it has a deep, rich flavor not overpowered by alcohol burn. It has hints of sweet dark chocolate, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Goslings Spirited Seas Ocean Aged Rum (SRP: $59.99) Goslings Spirited Seas Rum is a generous gift from the wild Atlantic Ocean. The Voyage starts by filling vintage bourbon barrels with a superior blend of premium aged rums. The barrels are loaded onto the HM Oleander, the container ship known as the lifeline of Bermuda, which travels from New Jersey to Bermuda weekly with imports and exports. The stormy seas and air have an extraordinary effect on the blend. The rum interacts with the charred American white oak over every wave, extracting all the barrel’s flavor.

Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum (SRP: $79.99) Ultra-Premium, aged Old Rum is crafted from the same blend of ingredients as in our flagship Goslings Black Seal Rum, but it is aged longer in oak to create an incomparable richness and complexity. Excellent “sipping rum,” Old Rum stands up well when tasted alongside the finest single malt whiskeys and XO Cognac.

Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum Rye Barrel Finish (SRP: $79.99) Family Reserve Old Rum Rye is Goslings’ innovative first release and line extension of Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum. This award-winning blend of aged rum is finished in once-used rye whiskey barrels for three years. The green sealing wax on the bottle is a nod to the time-honored production methods of the Gosling family; this is the way they bottled their rums in the early twentieth century, using reclaimed champagne bottles from a British Navy base.

Goslings Papa Seal Single Barrel Bermuda Rum (SRP: $179.99) The Gosling family proudly introduces Papa Seal, the “father of all rums.” It’s pot and column distilled from molasses, blended, and then aged for over 15 years in hand-selected, once-used bourbon barrels with a medium char. Bermuda’s humid, salty sea air provides a superior aging environment.

Goslings Ready to Drink Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail (SRP: $13.99/4 Pack) A one-of-a-kind combination: The delicious taste of our wildly popular Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail in a convenient slimline can, ready to drink. Perfectly balanced with no mixing required, and now available in four delicious island-inspired flavors: Original, Mango, Pineapple, and Black Cherry.

Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer (SRP: $7.99/6 Pack) Named after our iconic seal, Stormy, this is a ginger beer that manages to taste delicious on its own, yet also plays well with others. It turns any ginger beer cocktail into a nicely nuanced drink. Goslings Diet Stormy Ginger Beer is the 0-calorie, 0-carb version that still packs a gingery punch. Goslings Peach Stormy Ginger Beer has a citrusy and spicy aroma and fresh peach, lemon zest, and ginger flavors.

Goslings Finest Tonic Waters (SRP: $7.99/6 Pack) The Gosling family has once again achieved perfection in a soda can. Using only the highest quality ingredients, they’re proud to introduce a tonic water with a taste that’s approachable yet unique, zingy yet balanced. It’s the idea mixer for the professional bartender or the home mixologist – in perfectly portioned 7.5 oz cans. Available in three flavors: Ginger & Cardamom, Citrus, and Tropical.

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