Fuji Whisky

FUJI Whisky is named after the most iconic landmark in Japan, Mt. Fuji, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, cultural inspiration, and the location of the brand’s home, the Mt. Fuji Distillery. Based just 7.5 miles from the mountain’s peak and surrounded by pure forest, Mt. Fuji Distillery was established in 1973 to bring the best of Japanese craftsmanship and global technology and styles under one roof. In late 2021, the brand launched in the United States, marking the first exports to the U.S. in the decades-long history of the distillery, debuting the FUJI Single Grain Whisky nationwide.

One of the only whiskies in the world to use the mountain’s snowmelt in its production, it takes 50-years for this precious material to make it from Mt. Fuji’s peak to the depths of the underground aquifer below the distillery. This results in a uniquely clear, pristine, and soft water that is the foundation for FUJI’s distinctive whiskey expressions, which Fuji Whiskey Master Blender Jota Tanaka refers to as the “precious gift from Mt. Fuji.”