• David Stewart, malt master/master blender and Anthony Bourdain, chef and TV host
  • Anthony Bourdain announcement in Times Square
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The Balvenie

In 2014, The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky was looking to increase ownership of its handcrafted platform. Magrino approached Anthony Bourdain about a multifaceted collaboration with The Balvenie to celebrate America’s finest craftspeople and bring attention to the importance of making things by hand. Bourdain, who had never before endorsed a brand, signed on in 2015 to partner with The Balvenie on a web series, Raw Craft, and to work with the American Craft Council on The Balvenie’s charitable initiatives towards the preservation of rare crafts.

Over the first two years of the partnership, Magrino has secured more than 1.6 billion media impressions through print, online and broadcast placements. Season One of the Raw Craft web series was watched by over 2.6M viewers, and within six months, The Balvenie had the largest YouTube channel in the liquor business globally with 28,000 new subscribers.