Home Furnishing & Design

  • Martha with Harry Connick Jr. at a taping of his show, Harry, where Martha demonstrated holiday crafts and table décor from Macy’s
  • Martha attends the interactive launch of her latest paint line from Michaels
  • Martha has a laugh with Dr. Oz while on his show promoting her Fall 2017 book Slow Cooker
  • Martha on the set of VH1’s Potluck Dinner Party with Snoop Dogg
  • Martha stands proudly before her debut fashion line collaboration with QVC, at a launch event in September 2017
  • Martha signs copies of her book A New Way to Bake at Macy’s

Martha Stewart

Susan Magrino and Magrino have led communications strategy for Martha Stewart since the beginning of Martha’s entrepreneurial career, helping to grow her from an individual lifestyle expert to a global multi-platform brand.  We have been involved in every aspect of the business, including: corporate communications; books, magazines and other media brands; merchandise and retail businesses; cause marketing; and Martha’s personal representation.  Since working together, Susan and the agency have launched nearly 90 books; six magazine brands; two syndicated television shows; a primetime series; three PBS series; an annual holiday special; home collections in numerous categories with various national retail partners, and much more.

  • In 2017 alone, over 140 television, print and online outlets
  • 5 cover stories
  • 26 national broadcast appearances resulting in more than 167 million media impressions.
  • Over 480 million media impressions related to the Martha Stewart Wine Co.
  • Over 178 million media impressions tied to Martha’s 89th book Slow Cooker.