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National Board of Review


The National Board of Review, a cinematic organization that is dedicated to the support of film as both art and entertainment engaged Magrino’s social PR team to cover it’s live event. Prior to this year, the organization did not have an Instagram account, which had become a challenge for securing event sponsorships for their annual Awards Gala.


To build buzz leading up to the Awards Gala, Magrino launched an Instagram account and began sharing content on all of the organization’s social channels. On the night of the Awards Gala, Magrino staffed the event to provide red carpet and award show coverage in real time—utilizing Instagram Story, Instagram, Facebook Live and Live Tweeting tactics. Additionally, Magrino Digital worked with an on-site video editor to share professional clips of key moments in real time.


During the Awards Gala, the National Board of Review gained 107 new followers on Instagram and the dedicated event hashtag, #NBRGala, was used over 300 times across all social platforms. Magrino Digital was able to create content from programming that has historically been very exclusive and deliver it to a mass audience in an impactful way.