The Balvenie


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Knowing that the distillers of The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky were interested in increasing ownership of their handcrafted platform, Magrino approached Anthony Bourdain about a multifaceted collaboration to celebrate America’s finest craftspeople and bring attention to the importance of making things by hand. Bourdain, who had never before endorsed a brand, signed on to partner with The Balvenie on a web series called Raw Craft, and worked with the American Craft Council on The Balvenie’s charitable initiatives toward the preservation of rare crafts.


Magrino utilized Bourdain’s star power, and the fact that The Balvenie was the first and only brand the late TV host ever partnered with, to make a big splash with the announcement, which coincided with a media day in NYC. Throughout the three-year partnership, Magrino successfully positioned Bourdain’s endorsement of The Balvenie to validate its status as an authentic craft whisky, committed to maintaining its traditions, through numerous events, the Raw Craft web series, and targeted media pitching.


Throughout the partnership, Magrino secured more than 2.2 billion media impressions in print, online, and broadcast, leveraging Anthony Bourdain as a brand spokesperson. The partnership allowed Magrino to secure coverage in outlets outside the usual whisky targets, including placements in publications ranging from AdWeek, Architectural Digest, and CBS This Morning to Quartz, VICE, and Munchies. With three seasons available on YouTube, Raw Craft has garnered more than 16.5 million viewers since launch.