Magrino has a team of communications professionals, led by our leadership, who are involved at every stage.

Susan Magrino CEO Magrino PR

Susan Magrino

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Susan Magrino is an accomplished marketing, branding and public relations professional. Having founded Susan Magrino Agency in 1992 following a nine-year career at Crown Publishing, Susan has built the company into what is today regarded...
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Allyn Magrino, President Magrino PR | NYC

Allyn Magrino

President and Chief Operating Officer
Allyn Magrino is a co-founder of Magrino, and has been a principal since its inception in 1992. As President and Chief Operating Officer, she brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, from media...
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Leigh Ann Ambrosi, Executive VP | Magrino PR

Leigh Ann Ambrosi

Executive Vice President, Consumer, Food, Wine & Spirits
Leigh Ann Ambrosi joined Magrino in 2013. She oversees the agency’s Consumer, Food and Wine & Spirits practices, as well as handles the operations for Magrino day-to-day. Some of her clients at Magrino...
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Sara Arnell Senior Managing Director Magrino PR

Sara Arnell

Senior Managing Director
If it’s obvious, it’s probably right. This thought has guided Sara throughout her life and career. She always believes that the best solution is usually the one right in front of our eyes. For 30 years, Sara has guided companies...
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Travel & Real Estate PR | Courtney Iselin

Courtney Iselin

Vice President, Travel & Real Estate Team
Courtney Iselin joined Magrino in 2010 and brings more than ten years of public relations experience within the luxury lifestyle, travel, fashion, culinary and spirits industries. Courtney currently oversees the Travel and Real Estate division...
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Amelia Durand Food & Wine PR | Magrino PR

Amelia Durand

Strategic Director, Food & Wine
Amelia Durand rejoined Magrino in 2012 as a specialist in public relations and branding for the agency’s Food and Wine & Spirits practices. With 19 years of experience promoting luxury lifestyle products and personalities...
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Jee Park VP Lifestyle PR | Magrino PR NYC

Jee Park

Vice President, Lifestyle
Jee Park brings nearly twenty years of media and communications experience to Magrino. She currently oversees the Lifestyle division at Magrino, and manages the day-to-day strategic public relations...
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Alyssa Surrett Digital Lead | Magrino PR NYC

Alyssa Surrett

Lead Digital Strategist, Digital Team
Alyssa Surrett is Magrino’s Lead Digital Strategist, where she handles influencer marketing and events, social media content development, and strategic digital branding. She works with...
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