Magrino Events

Magrino’s Annual Holiday Preview is just one of the exciting events we host throughout the year, bringing together our clients, our employees and friends of our PR agency. Have a look at some of the photos of that event as well as other annual agency events.

  • Magrino Mentor Series

    Each month, Magrino Mentor Series hosts an influencer, tastemaker and innovator in their field of expertise to speak to Magrino publicists and management. Each speaker provides their insights and thoughts on media, the social world...

  • Magrino Travel Summit 2016

    Magrino developed and produced a Travel Summit with experts in various industry trends and topics and invited media and industry influencers to listen and take part in the dialogue of trends and predictions for the year ahead.

  • Magrino Boat Cruise 2016

    Our annual summer party. We’re on a boat!

  • Magrino First Look 2016

    The annual preview we host for friends and media to showcase our clients, brands and projects we are working on. With live music, wine, food and lots of fun as well.