Tell the story, and keep on telling it.

At Magrino, we put over 25 years of strategic insight and intelligence into everything we do. Employing our 360º Lifestyle Approach to brand building and Public Relations, our campaigns are focused, strategic and assembled to balance cost-effectiveness with positive results.

That is the reason some of the world’s most revered lifestyle brands turn to us—and return to us.


Magrino was founded in 1992 as a world class lifestyle public relations and marketing agency dedicated to maximizing the reach and power of earned media for its clients.

Magrino is run by its co-founders, CEO Susan Magrino and President Allyn Magrino, with a diverse, energetic team of over 50 public relations, brand development, events, media, and digital and social media marketing experts.


This is the age of transparency. The availability of information that consumers have access to is unprecedented. In a world of information overload we believe that a direct brand voice and openness cut through the clutter and provide a refreshingly informative approach to communications.  We make sure substance is what defines style.


We believe in taking a leadership position that will differentiate our clients and drive features, benefits and experiences to highlight something unique, extraordinary and ultimately newsworthy.


The state of communications today requires a dual approach in order to drive both brand awareness and consumer desire.  We tell stories to promote visibility and recognition by consumers and the media. And, we amplify this through stories and tactics that help motivate purchase, interaction and likeability.